How to Use Loto Kits Properly

How to Use Loto Kits Properly

How to Use Loto Kits Properly

How to Use Loto Kits Properly

How to Use Loto Kits Properly
How to Use Loto Kits Properly
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Every once in a while, our modern pieces of equipment may need to be serviced or repaired. When the time does come to maintain or improve your machine, it is important to ensure that your equipment is on full LOTO. When we say the machine is on full LOTO, we generally mean that you have correctly put in place the various safety measures to ensure that you use the LOTO kits properly. In this article, we shall have a look at the step by step procedures of ensuring that you use your LOTO kits properly.

Advise Employees of Needed Servicing

When it comes to using LOTO kits, ensure that all workers ought to be told concerning the shutdown of a machine or framework for upkeep. Workers need to comprehend that hardware on LOTO can't be utilized or worked during the time of using LOTO kits.

Overhauling Employee Must Identify Energy

When you have started using LOTO kits, ensure the approved worker prepared to support the hardware should recognize the essential vitality parts and conceivable vitality perils. The workers will be liable for recognizing the sort and greatness of vitality and comprehend the dangers of each kind of energy so the representative can use the best possible techniques to control the particular type of energy.

Deactivate and Isolate

When the gear has been closed off, the hardware using the lockout tagout kits ought to be disconnected and isolated from its energy source, so the chance of accidentally restarting the gear before adjusting is decreased or dispensed with.

Lockout the Equipment with Tags

The hardware ought to be put on lockout tagout locks utilizing the best possible labels and bolts, showing that the gear can't and ought not to be placed into utilization.

Residual Energy Must be Dissipated

Before working on the machine, ensure that the residual energy is removed. The residual heat could cause serious harm to the representatives and should be treated as a genuine concern inside the LOTO method. Basic techniques used to discharge put away the residual energy incorporates blocking, repositioning, seeping down, among other proper strategies.

Check Disconnection from the Energy Source

After all, the above advances have been taken. After confirming there is no residual energy, ensure that the zone and the hardware are in segregation. The approved worker ought to check that the device is without a doubt disengaged by endeavoring to turn on the gear.

Lockout Accomplished

Only after completing the above steps is the equipment on full LOTO, and proper repairs can start.


When using LOTO kits, the following step by step will not ensure that you can repair your equipment with ease, but also, your employees are kept a safe distance from any harm. As an employer, the safety of your workforce should come first no matter what. Failing to follow the steps puts your company at the risk of possible lawsuits and damage to your image.