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Margaret Cho Says She's Afraid to Go Outside, Prime Target for Hate Crimes | TMZ

  • 17 hours ago
Margaret Cho says she's afraid to leave the safety of her own home as an Asian-American woman ... telling us, "outside it's cloudy with a chance of ra

Jane Fonda Leads Celebrity Exercise Video to Encourage Voting | TMZ TV

  • 5 hours ago
Thirty-eight years after Jane Fonda released her first workout video in 1982, the acting and exercise icon has slipped back into her leotard and headb

Zayn Malik & Jake Paul Beef Sparked by Drunken Hotel Run-In | TMZ NEWSROOM

  • 21 hours ago
Jake Paul and Zayn Malik's online shouting match -- via Gigi Hadid -- got started with what sounds like a hard snub to come get crazy with the YouTube

Desmond Meade Says $25 Mil to Restore FL Voting Rights Not From Michael Bloomberg | TMZ

  • 12 hours ago
Michael Bloomberg isn't the only one donating money to help thousands of ex-felons regain the right to vote in Florida, because the movement is NOT ab

Millennial Men & Women Try "Gender Neutral" Clothing?!

  • 7 hours ago
Follow Our Hosts! Drew Dorsey @Drew__Dorsey Jackie Iadonisi @JackieIadonisi Emile Ennis, Jr. @EmileEnnisJr Check out some of our other Clevver Style .

JoJo Embracing Childhood Nostalgia Through The New Crash Bandicoot Game! | TMZ

  • 11 hours ago
JoJo talks new music, working with Diane Warren and embracing childhood nostalgia through the brand new Crash Bandicoot game– Crash Bandicoot 4: It's

Buying Influencers' Old Clothes On Depop?!

  • 22 hours ago
Follow Our Hosts! Erin Robinson @ErinRobinson Madeleine Byrnee @Madeleinebyrnee Check out some of our other Clevver Style series! The Photo Shop ...

Guessing Cheap vs Expensive Thrift Store Finds!

  • 19 hours ago
We shopped three thrift stores with difference price ranges to see if we can tell the difference between outfits from Goodwill, Depop, and Wasteland!

Hulu's Show About Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Has Interesting Casting | TMZ TV

  • 19 hours ago
Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson had one of the most iconic celebrity relationships of the '90s, in part due to the infamous leaking of their sex tape, a

9 Easy Summer Denim Outfit Ideas! (Style 3 Way)

  • 20 hours ago
We show you 9 different ways you can style denim for summer! See how we style denim shorts, overalls, and dresses in our own unique ways! Next - we tr
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