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A Bridge Named Saloma In KL's Kampung Baru

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Locations : Many city folks may have noticed a new stricture that appeared just before the lockdown in the city

The Fried Radish Cake 'Koay Kak' Of Air Hitam,Penang

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Location:,100.332497 Besides fried kueo teow Penang has another street food that has garnered many fans from all o

Antique Sewing Machine Sewn Back To Life

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They say old is gold. This video shows how an antique Singer sewing machine is brought back to life and sold 'as good as new' and in working condition

Dragon Flame Hokkien Noodles Sizzles In SEA Park ,PJ

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Here's a video that Manaweblife would like you to witness during your long stay at home throughout this MCO. It showcases a famous spot for night hawk

The Oddbods Show | Kompilasi - Slick yang licik!

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Jom tengok gelagat Newt, Jeff, Zee, Pogo, Slick, Fuse, Bubbles dan lain-lain bermain dan berseronok bersama! ====== SUBSCRIBE now and watch more ...

Flying Roti Canai Seen In Malacca

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Strange but true. And it is only found in the historic scenic city of Malacca. This video is something you ought to see and share even if you are not

Why Sit When It Tastes Better When You Squat For Porridge!

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Location:,100.332497 An unusual stall along Magazine Road in George Town selling traditional Teo Chew style porrid

Masakan Sahur KEBENARAN! | Papa Pipi | #PesananPapaPipi

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Bila Kebenaran masuk dapur, hebat juga skill dan masakan Kebenaran! Mesti sedap rasanya tu! #PesananPapaPipi #EdisiRamadhan ===== SUBSCRIBE now ...

A Tall Clown In KL's Golden Triangle?

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Location:,100.332497 It's not any ordinary person, but a tall clown! Watch this video and follow his footsteps to

อยู่บ้านกัน ป้องกัน COVID-19

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Translated by: Panjaporn Sakdikorn Thank you so much for your help in fighting Covid-19 with us! #PKP #StayAtHome SUBSCRIBE now and watch more ...
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