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Apollo's Harris Says He Wouldn't Short Stocks Right Now

  • 14 hours ago
Jun.12 -- Apollo Global Management Inc. co-founder Josh Harris says the Covid-19 pandemic and George Floyd protests can lead to positive change and ad

Swedbank’s Underlying Business Is Solid, Says CEO

  • 17 hours ago
Apr.23 -- Jens Henriksson, chief executive officer at Swedbank AB, discusses the company's mortgage portfolio, impairments and outlook. He speaks on .

Revealing my $53k Dividend Stock Portfolio

  • 2 hours ago
Today I share with the Financial Education Nation all the stocks I own in my Dividend Stocks Only account. I also am going to share with you guys the

El-Erian Says 'Buy the Dip' Mentality Deeply Embedded in Current Market

  • 2 hours ago
Jun.12 -- Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser at Allianz and a Bloomberg Opinion columnist, says there is no question mark around central bank su

Tesla Stock Going to $500 says Wall Street analyst

  • 6 hours ago
Today we chat about Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas who thunks Tesla stock is going to $500 or $10. This is why i have no faith in these Wall Street

Stock Market Collapse Coming Summer 2020?! 3 Signs it likely is...

  • 12 hours ago
Today we talk about the possibility of a stock market collapse in Summer 2020. The Nasdaq is only down .7% for the year! S&P 500 is down only 11%!!! A

Ryanair CFO on Coronavirus, Boeing Orders, Brexit

  • 18 hours ago
Feb.03 -- Neil Sorahan, chief financial officer at Ryanair Holdings PLC, discusses the impact of the coronavirus on the business, Boeing orders and Br

NAT Stock Is $7 NOW! Are Oil Tanker Stocks to Buy Now?

  • 16 hours ago
Today we chat about NAT Nordic American Tanker stock which went over $7 today! This stock is flying up as the company is making money hand over fist.

Covid Is More Risky for the Overweight: Johns Hopkins

  • 11 hours ago
Mar.04 -- Johns Hopkins University Professor of Nursing Jason Farley discusses Texas dropping mask mandates and opening businesses, the impact of ...

Thank You Elon Musk! $5,000,000,000 Incoming for Tesla!

  • 14 hours ago
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