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How The Corona Crisis Helped Us Find New Intergenerational Discourse | Tristan Horx | TEDxMedUniGraz

  • 3 hours ago
JoinTheCountdown OK Boomer! Hello Doomer! How are different generations interacting and communicating with one another and how did the corona crisis .

Top 10 Prisoners Forgotten In Isolation

  • 16 hours ago
Top 10 Prisoners Forgotten In Isolation Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: Social Isolation is a scary thing, especially if its d

Burn Out to Brilliance. Recovery from Chronic Fatigue | Linda Jones | TEDxBirminghamCityUniversity

  • 11 hours ago
In 2001 Linda Jones's world changed. As a young and successful business woman she was living a happy and fulfilled life; working long hours travelling

L’aria che respiriamo dipende da noi | Giuditta Celli | TEDxBrescia

  • 6 hours ago
Giuditta Celli racconta come un deserto di ghiaccio l'ha spinta a reagire. Un anno nel cuore dell'Antartide, isolata con 12 persone, per studiare l'ar

What white people can do to move race conversations forward | Caprice Hollins | TEDxSeattle

  • 8 hours ago
In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, Dr. Caprice Hollins explains why we often fail to have productive conversations about race, race relations, and racism

How to build a billion dollar company | Nemesh Singh | TEDxJLU

  • 16 hours ago
1. Creating Billion Dollar SaaSpreneurs 2. The speaker started with what he wanted to become , what he became and what he wanted to do next? But the a

Unlocking a child's potential for a truly magical future | Parinita Jain | TEDxFORESchool

  • 3 hours ago
For ages, we have believed that children need to be told what's best for them, what they should and should not do. In the modern age, when there is so

SEO DIY - How to Connect to Google Analytics

  • 19 hours ago
The information you can gather from Google Analytics it VITAL to SEO success. With Google Analytics you will know how many people visit your site, how

You Will Make It | Judith Thomas | TEDxYouth@MinnetonkaHS

  • 20 hours ago
Minnetonka High School English teacher Judith Thomas shares how she overcame her fear of songwriting and was able to communicate her own ideas through

Эмоциональный интеллект в бизнесе | Вероника Кальнеус | TEDxKrasnayaPolyanaSalon

  • 4 hours ago
Что позволяет людям развить свой эмоциональный интеллект, личную эффективность? узнайте с нами! Технологический предприниматель ...
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