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What If Robots Started to Replace People

  • 1 day ago
Until recently, robots were something we considered to be science fiction and something we'd never really come across in our lives. Today, we're seein

Dubai's Luxury Islands Are Empty, Here's Why

  • 7 hours ago
The World Islands is an archipelago in the United Arab Emirates and only one of many other magnificent artificial islands created there. And although

Why Your Eyes Get Crusty When You Sleep

  • 12 hours ago
Why are your eyes crusty in the morning? Sometimes this crust is almost like water, but sometimes it's thicker, so thick you can't open your eyes prop

Make Your Brain to Work Faster in Just Seconds, Try This Science-Proven Way

  • 9 hours ago
Scientists proved that our productivity decreases due to spending time on our gadgets both during work and during our leisure time. Distraction is the

What If Earth Started to Spin Backwards

  • 10 hours ago
Our planet rotates around its axis from west to east at a speed of over a thousand miles per hour at the equator! And this pattern has lasted for bill

I Didn't Protect Mom From Dad, And Now It's Too Late

  • 21 hours ago
Oh, hi guys. My name is Sam and I'm 14 years old. I lost both my parents, and I think it was all my fault. From that moment on, I decided that I would

16 Riddles to Give Your Brain a Needed Break

  • 2 hours ago
Riddles are so much more than just games. Not only do they entertain us, but they also make us use our minds in a different way. Most people think usi

A New Test to Check How Sharp Your Eyes Are

  • 16 hours ago
Having an accurate eye is an ability we use to measure the distance to objects as well as the distance between them and compare their sizes and shapes

40 Incredible Facts About Space That Are Easy to Remember

  • 3 hours ago
Space exploration is one of the most mind-blowing and intriguing things to do. Did you know, for example, that black holes make sounds? Or that distan

Earth Has a New Continent, But It's Hiding

  • 16 hours ago
Watch more videos in our new App: We all have heard of the lost civilization of Atlantis sinking into the waters off the coast
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