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40 Tricky Riddles to Relax for 20 Minutes

  • 14 hours ago
Riddles aren't just a fun way to spend time - they also sharpen your mind, help you think outside the box, improve your memory, and start new thought

That's How a Snake Gets into Your Bathroom

  • 1 day ago
Bangkok, 2016. A man is going to the bathroom. He is getting ready to relax when all of a sudden, something crawls out of the toilet pipe and bites hi

People Are Afraid to Come to This Island, Here's Why

  • 15 hours ago
There's a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean 25 miles off the coast of Brazil, and it's one of the strangest places on Earth. It's easy to reach,

Animal Size Comparison (Whales Aren't Biggest!)

  • 22 hours ago
Everybody knows that the blue whale is the largest living creature on Earth. But... is it? Actually, scientists discovered something even larger off t

US Shocked First Japanese Visitors, See Why

  • 20 hours ago
Watch more videos in our new App: For more than 200 years, Japan was in isolation from the rest of the world. There was very li

iPhone Functions and Features 96% Don't Know

  • 2 hours ago
#brightside #phonesecrets Animation is created by Bright Side. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Why Pilots Never Use Wipers and Other Plane Secrets

  • 14 hours ago
So, it's pouring outside when you get on a plane. If you were in a car, you'd simply switch on the windshield wipers and the headlights after turning

If Your Pet Does This, Big Trouble's Coming!

  • 14 hours ago
Watch more videos in our new App: It'd be cool to understand your pets' language. Imagine you're walking your dog and suddenly:

25 Heaviest Things in the World | A Statue Weighing as Much as 100 Houses

  • 2 hours ago
A new couch I need to get through the front door, a suitcase I packed for a weekend getaway filled with stuff I might need… just in case! This is my i

He Found a Great White Shark in an Empty Building, See How It Got There

  • 20 hours ago
Imagine you're entering the territory of an amazing but abandoned Wildlife Park. The animal cages are overgrown with grass, small houses have been lef
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