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Biggest Dinosaur Ever Could Squish T-Rex Like a Bug

  • 20 hours ago
0:00 How many T Rex dinosaurs were there? 1:16 How big was T Rex? 1:26 How fast was T Rex? 2:00 T Rex bite force 2:31 How T Rex hunted 2:57 Did T Rex

If You Spend Hours on a Computer, These Tricks Are a Must

  • 17 hours ago
According to experts, rapid fatigue and pain in muscles and joints is 75% caused by the wrong posture at the computer and only 25% by the failure to r

20 Riddles Will Make You a Beast at Problem Solving

  • 1 hour ago
Riddles are a fun way to pass the time and all. You feel like you're just relaxing while thinking up the best solution to the hypothetical situation a

What Color Is Your Energy? | Personality Test

  • 22 hours ago
Take this test to find out, which color suits you the best. You'll be surprised to find out how much you can learn about your character by making some

Powerful Solar Storm Happened Once, See What It Caused

  • 21 hours ago
Have you ever heard of Carrington Event? It was the worst solar storm ever recorded. On September 2, 1859, people all over Europe and North America wo

14 Riddles Even Smartest Students Couldn't Solve

  • 12 hours ago
Studies have shown that puzzles and brain teasers have really beneficial effects on your brain. They sharpen your thinking, boost your memory, help us

My Mom Was Super Rich But Her Toyboy Stripped Her Of All Her Wealth

  • 5 hours ago
Hello! My name is Russell and I'm twenty years old. Is this the way every story here starts? And then they start complaining about how terrible their

Solve All 16 Riddles, You Outsmarted Me

  • 7 hours ago
Riddles and puzzles - that's what makes our brains work hard. It's a little bit like a gym for your mind - and brain training is never too much. We al

15 Tough Riddles That Will Break Your Head

  • 5 hours ago
These 15 riddles will require thought, intellect and creativity. But nothing compares with that great feeling, when you manage to crack several riddle

They Got Stuck in Arctic Desert, Then the Impossible Happened

  • 1 hour ago
It was the height of the whaling season. Ships full of men plied the cold Arctic waters. With hopes of fortune in their eyes, it was usually a smooth
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