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Vampire Bat Colony Found In Abandoned Hut | The Dark: Nature's Nighttime World | BBC Earth

  • 12 hours ago
Deep in the jungle lies an abandoned hut. Gordon investigates, only to find himself face-to-snout with a colony of hungry vampire bats. Subscribe: ...

Husky puppy goes crazy trying to chase grasshoppers

  • 1 day ago
While on their way to a hike, these people had to walk through a field. The field was full of grasshoppers and Freya the husky went nuts trying to get

Best of Tiny Animals | Top 5 | BBC Earth

  • 18 hours ago
From baby sloths to a kung fu mantis, here are some of the best tiny animals moments from the BBC Earth archive! Subscribe:

Best Lion Moments: Part 1 | Top 5 | BBC Earth

  • 18 hours ago
From deserts to grasslands, lions are some of the most majestic predators the wild has ever seen. Join us as we recount some of the best moments from

Dad's Priceless Reaction After Being Surprised With Puppy!

  • 20 hours ago
Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there! Watch as this dad inn particular gets a puppy surprised. What a reaction!

Cow disapproves of song on man's phone, changes it to something better

  • 13 hours ago
Fiona is a remarkable cow. She's friendly and inquisitive beyond what we might expect from an ordinary cow. Her friend, Dave has come for a little vis

Saving Bears In The Wildlife Trade Across Asia | Bears About The House | BBC Earth

  • 11 hours ago
Bears are one of the most valuable animals in the jungles and forests and in captivity in Asia, but incredible conservationists are dedicating their l

Male Garter Snake Tricks Other Males With His Female Scent | Life | BBC Earth

  • 17 hours ago
Winter is over and so is hibernation season! This male garter snake almost misses his chance to mate - but uses a clever trick to put himself ahead of

Top 5 Nail-Biting Elephant Moments | BBC Earth

  • 5 hours ago
The largest living land mammals don't have an easy time of it! Here are our most nail-biting elephant moments. Subscribe: #E

These kids would be tasty morsels for this hungry tiger

  • 21 hours ago
A tiger stalks and attacks these kids from the other side of the glass at the Dublin Zoo. Wow! Source & embed code: ...
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