Choosing The Best SEO-Friendly Domain Name

Choosing The Best SEO-Friendly Domain Name

Choosing The Best SEO-Friendly Domain Name

Choosing The Best SEO-Friendly Domain Name

Choosing The Best SEO-Friendly Domain Name
Choosing The Best SEO-Friendly Domain Name
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After choosing your niche, you will want to come up with a website. How will you secure the best domain? Every type of business either small or large can greatly benefit from enhancing their presence on the internet by the use of the best domain name that suits their businessas clearly explained on this site on contractors in Charlotte.

SEO newsletter claims that their strategists have formulated several practices to assist higher rankings of growing websites on the search engines – domain names are among the factors believed to be contributive in this SEO game.

Let’s look at some important factors to consider when choosing an SEO friendly domain name.

Include branding in your domain name

Google utilizes ‘brand signals’ to differentiate between low-quality and high-quality websites. So, be sure to use the name of your brand in your domain name: brand establishes a distinction and is precisely what you require to stand out in the over-crowded business world.

Make it unique and memorable

The domain name is part of branding thus ensure its unique to both you and your users. Remember that a domain name resembling another popular brand isn’t a good idea because it may bring about some confusion.

Moreover, word of mouth is the best of all when it comes to marketing - an easy to remember domain name will make your brand spread faster and further. A great site doesn’t matter if clients can’t remember your domain.

Avoid hyphens

If your domain consist of two or more words, you may want to enhance its readability by introducing a hyphen. But remember that hyphens use not only correlates with spammy character but also decreases the readability and memorability of a domain name. Therefore, avoid hyphens use as much as possible in a domain - not more than one hyphen use (if it must use it).

Prefer .com as you TLD

TLD (Top Level Domain) is an extension that comes after a domain name. During domain registration, webmasters are sometimes advised to purchase additional TLDs that will most likely maximize the traffic. And the best, most trusted and widely recognized TLDs go with .com. Besides, SEO limits the use of low-quality TLDs like .info and .biz as they are associated with spammy behavior and less commonly used.

Avoid Exact Match Domains

EMDs are ones that precisely matches a keyword phrase and don’t have hyphens. Examples are,, and EMDs are associated with spammy sites that try to scam search engine algorithms by precisely matching query of searchers with keywords present in the domain name. Contrary, you can use multiple extensions because they are not easily copied and don’t tolerate spammy character. For instance, register the same name with .org”, .net”, etc. 


Your domain name will ultimately ‘sell’ your brand even to the most hard-to-reach clients if you follow the above tips. Don’t just choose any domain name; do your research to choose the right one for your company. 

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