Best Soft Noah's Ark Toys: Cloth & Plush Toy Noah's Arks – Special Baby Gifts

Best Soft Noah's Ark Toys: Cloth & Plush Toy Noah's Arks – Special Baby Gifts

Best Soft Noah's Ark Toys: Cloth & Plush Toy Noah's Arks – Special Baby Gifts

Best Soft Noah's Ark Toys: Cloth & Plush Toy Noah's Arks – Special Baby Gifts

Best Soft Noah's Ark Toys: Cloth & Plush Toy Noah's Arks – Special Baby Gifts
Best Soft Noah's Ark Toys: Cloth & Plush Toy Noah's Arks – Special Baby Gifts
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Soft Noah's Ark toys sewn from stuffed pieces of fabrics that are usually washable and often non-allergenic make safe, fun, and educational baby shower presents and baby baptism gifts. Babies and toddlers can cuddle with the fabric pieces and bring such religious toys to the church where they will make quiet and appropriate playthings during a church service or mass. Shoppers searching for the perfect toy Noah's Ark for a baby may like one of the following options.

Gund Noah's Ark Playset

The Gund Noah's Ark Playset is a simple soft terry cloth baby's toy with an ark that stands only 6 inches tall and has handles like a tiny purse. Colored pastel pink, yellow, and blue, it comes with four small terry cloth animals (lion, horse, elephant, hippo) which each make a different crinkle, jingle, rattle, or squeak noise. The animals are shaped more like dolls than realistic animals, but children will still enjoy naming the animals and making up stories about them as they move them in and out of the ark.

Russ Berrie Noah's Ark Activity Playset

The Russ Berrie Noah's Ark Activity Playset is a completely safe and baby-friendly soft ark toy. Made of surface washable and non-allergenic fabric, the green and yellow soft fabric ark carrier work well as a toy for either a boy or a girl. It has a Velcro closure and handles to make it portable. Included with this soft ark playset are four small stuffed animals – a brown lion, lavender and white zebra, a yellow giraffe, and a turquoise elephant – that can crinkle, rattle, and squeak.

Noah's Ark Plush Playset by Unipak

Unipak makes many toy playsets that come with a themed plush carrier stuffed with several small plush animals. Their Noah's Ark Plush Playset is a brown-and-white plush Noah's ark containing six cute, detailed plush creatures – a giraffe, an elephant, a white leopard, a lion, a tiger, and a zebra – that are each about 7 inches long. With handles for easy carrying, this soft 12-inch plush toy can be used as a church toy or brought to restaurants to keep small kids quiet while waiting for the food. Children can use it for imaginative play and learn animal names.

Pockets of Learning S. S. Noah's Ark Playset

Pockets of Learning specializes in soft sculpture playsets that are sturdy, safe for babies to play with, and full of cute details. The S. S. Noah's Ark Playset is a machine-washable cloth Noah's Ark with handles on top so that it can be carried for on-the-go play. It comes with a figure of Noah and eight pairs of animals (alligators, cows, ducks, elephants, giraffes, hippos, lions, rabbits, zebras). Other animal pairs and Noah's wife can be seen peeping out of the windows. Some online toy stores will personalize this soft toy by embroidering a child's name on it.

Alma's Design Noah's Ark

The stuffed soft cloth Alma's Design Noah's Ark resembles the Pockets of Learning Noah's Ark but comes with even more hand-stitched details. The cotton ark has handles and a cloth flap gangplank that can open and close. This soft playset designed in primary colors includes figures of both Noah and his wife Naamah and pairs of animals such as camels, alligators, zebras, elephants, cats, and lions.

Lilliputiens Noah's Ark

The Lilliputiens Noah's Ark is a soft Noah's Ark playset made of anti-allergenic fabric. Its charming features include three-mirror portholes on its side, a door that attaches to the boat with Velcro, and the obligatory handle for carrying the toy around. Along with embroidered and bean-filled figures of Noah and his wife, this cloth playset also comes with six pairs of animals – giraffes, monkeys, alligators, elephants, doves, and lions.

Special Baby Gifts and Toddler Presents

Soft Noah's ark playsets make great special baby gifts and toddler presents. Plush arks with only a few stuffed animals make charming and simple baby shower presents or baby baptism gifts. Young babies will enjoy playing with the few pieces and eventually learning the names of the animals. More complex soft sculpture Noah's Ark sets to make better presents for toddlers, who will enjoy matching the animal’s pairs, counting them as they march in and out of the ark, and eventually experimenting with categorizing the creatures in different ways. One of the cloth Noah's ark toys described above should meet the needs and interests of any baby or toddler.

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